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Established 1945
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We are experts in heavy manganese phosphate coatings. We have an attitude that no job is too big or too small and we welcome the opportunity to conduct business with you. If there is any information you need that is not on this site, or would just like to talk to a "real person" please call us at (800) 959-0851.

Heavy manganese phosphate coatings provide an attractive anti-galling, break-in/wear-in interface between rotating, sliding and meshing ferrous surfaces that will not flake off. Corrosion resistance to 900 hours per accelerated corrosion testing spec ASTM B117 can be achieved when standard supplemental oil is applied. Heavy manganese phosphate coatings are also used as a chemical conversion coating between ferrous substrates and a baked or air-dried solid film lubricant topcoats.

Triple E Manufacturing Facility
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Our intention is to enlighten you on our capabilities as a high-quality Manganese Phosphate coater. Our end item users include the U.S. armed forces, federal and local law enforcement, forestry, agriculture and automotive